Below is a list of questions and answers which you will find very helpful when preparing for your SPSV Skills Test

What is the SPSV Skills Development Test?

The SPSV Skills Development Test is a new test developed by the Commission for Taxi Regulation for anyone who wishes to operate in the SPSV industry. It is divided into two main sections, the first of which can be prepared for by studying the Official Manual for Operating in the SPSV Industry, and the second of which is an area knowledge test for the county in which you wish to operate.


Who needs to sit this test?

New applicants for an SPSV driver licence will need to pass the test before they can apply to the Gardaí for a licence.

Applicants for a dispatch operator licence must nominate an individual from the organisation to sit the test before applying to the Commission for a licence.


I am already an SPSV driver, do I still need to sit the test?

The requirement for those already licensed as SPSV drivers to sit the test is due to be introduced shortly and drivers will be notified of this by the Commission in due course.


I am already a dispatch operator do I still need to sit the test?

Under new legislation dispatch operators must be licensed by the Commission by December 2009. In order to be granted a licence you must nominate an individual from your organisation to sit and pass the test.


What is the area knowledge test?

This is the same as the area knowledge section of the SPSV Skills Development Test and consists of questions about routes and places of interest in any one county.  It is for those who already have an SPSV driver licence and wish to become licensed in a secondary area.


Who needs to sit this test?

Those who are already licensed as SPSV drivers and wish to operate in a second county


I live on the border of two counties, will I have to sit two area knowledge tests?

An SPSV driver is only licensed to operate in the areas for which he/she has demonstrated adequate knowledge. You may only sit one area knowledge test at a time, so you should choose the county that you would most like to operate in. Once you become licensed as an SPSV driver for one county, you may apply to sit a second area knowledge test in order to be allowed to operate in a second county.


What is the ID validation service?

The ID validation service will be for dispatch operators that passed their SPSV Skills Development Test (and provided their passport as a form of identification) that now wish to apply for an SPSV driver licence. They will need to schedule an appointment to return to the test centre and present their driving licence for verification to apply for the SPSV driver licence. This service must be booked in advance and costs €30.38.



How do I book an appointment?

You can book online by visiting www.spsvtest.ie
By calling the booking line on: 1890 340 123
By sending an application form with payment to: Prometric Ireland Limited, PO Box 788, Togher, Cork, Co. Cork
The application letter will be available to download and print from
Once your test has been scheduled, you will receive your confirmation letter confirming your test appointment with the conditions/documentation required to take your test. The confirmation letter will also include the following information.

·         Which test or appointment you have booked

·         Which test centre you are taking your test at

·         Your full name

·         PPS number

·         Driving licence number

·         Address

·         Telephone number

·         Email address (if given)

How much will it cost?

SPSV skills assessment – €84.70
SPSV area knowledge test - €84.70
SPSV ID Validation - €30.25


How do I pay?

If you are booking online or over the telephone, you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Laser or any pre-paid credit card voucher (such as 3V www.3v.ie or WireCard www.wirecard.com ). You may also pay by cheque or postal order which are to be made payable to Prometric Ireland Limited. If you are paying by cheque or postal order, you must submit an application form with your payment as stated above.


How do I obtain the pre-paid credit card voucher?

These vouchers can be purchased in over 600 shops nationwide and will allow you to book your test or appointment either by telephone or internet, where payment is similar to that of a standard credit card payment process. This will provide you with a faster method of confirming your test time and location than by sending in a postal application with a cheque or postal order.


What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

You must provide five working days notice to reschedule or cancel your test or ID Validation appointment free of charge and obtain a full refund. If you do not contact us in time you will lose your full fee.


Is the test provided in the Irish language?

No, the test is only available in the English language at present. The test will be available in Irish later this year.


How many test centres are there?

There are 41 locations around the country served by 16 fixed test centres and 25 additional locations administered by mobile testing units. Candidates can choose the test centre that best suits them.


What identification do I need to take?

New SPSV driver licence applicants – Driving licence
Dispatch operators - Driving licence
or passport
Existing SPSV drivers – SPSV driver licence
and regular driving licence

The identification that is stated at the time of booking is the identification that must be presented to the test centre staff when you attend to take your test. You will not be able to take your test unless you provide the same ID that you stated at the time of booking. The name on your ID must match the name on your booking.

If you are providing a driving licence as identification, it must be an Irish licence or one from an EU, EEA or other Recognised State. If you do not hold an Irish driving licence but hold a driving licence from an EU, EEA or Recognised State and wish to use this as your identification at the test centre, you have two options, as follows:

1.     This option is most efficient from the point of view of the applicant.  Arrange to get an Irish driving licence by presenting your current domestic driving licence at the Motor Tax Office.  On request, they will exchange your current licence for an Irish one.  (If your licence is from a Recognised State, you will in any event have to swop it for an Irish licence in advance of the next licence renewal). 

2.     You submit with your application your domestic licence as certified to be official and valid by your Embassy/Consulate, as appropriate.  Where an EEA/EU/Recognised State licence is in a language other than English, the certified licence must be accompanied by a formal translation into English that has also been certified/stamped by your Embassy/Consulate.

The costs associated with any translations or official certificates are the responsibility of the applicant.


What happens when I get to the test centre?

The test centre staff will check your documentation to confirm/validate your identity and driving licence details if required. Your photograph will be taken. You will then be signed in and a test centre administrator will explain the procedures and how the test works. They will then show you to your workstation where you will take your test.


How many questions are there in each test?

The SPSV Skills Development Test contains 90 multiple-choice questions in total (54 industry knowledge questions and 36 area knowledge questions)
Area knowledge test - 36 multiple-choice questions relating to your selected county.


How long will the tests take?

The SPSV Skills Development Test will take 90 minutes to complete although the test appointment time is slightly longer for you to familiarise yourself with the test process before starting your test.

The area knowledge test will take 36 minutes to complete although the test appointment time is slightly longer for you to familiarise yourself with the test process before starting your test.


What is the pass mark?

The pass mark is 80% for both tests. In the SPSV Skills Development Test, you must pass both sections of the test in order to pass overall.


I am not very good with computers, will this be a problem?

The test is presented in a very easy-to-use format and usually poses no problems for candidates with limited experience using computers. A simple tutorial is presented at the beginning of the test which will explain how the test works. The test can be taken with an easy to use touch screen, or by using a mouse and keyboard.

I have difficulty with reading, will this affect my ability to complete the exam?

You can apply for extra time to take your test or a reader/recorder service where a staff member will read the questions and answers to you and record your answer on screen.

To apply for extra time or a reader / recorder test you will be requested to write to Prometric with evidence on official headed paper from a teacher, doctor or professional person confirming the assistance you require. (as an example, a letter from an adult education centre would suffice). Please ensure your application form contains all the information required to complete your booking as stated above. A voiceover facility will also be available later this year whereby the questions and answers are read out to you over headphones.


Is there study material I can purchase and where can I get it?

The Official Manual for Operating in the SPSV lndustry (and accompanying DVD) is essential study material for the first section of the SPSV Skills Development Test and is available at a cost of €30. You can order your copy by phoning 1890 347 347. You will then be posted out a coupon and you can use this coupon to collect a manual and DVD from one of 16 fixed Prometric test centres. One copy of the manual and DVD will be available to existing SPSV drivers free of charge upon request.

Applicants are advised to spend considerable time researching and familiarising themselves with routes and places of interest in their selected county in order to be sufficiently prepared for the area knowledge section/test. The manual and DVD also provide advice on how to prepare for this section/test. County map packs can be purchased from OSI which may assist in your preparation.


If I make a mistake can I change my mind and select another answer?

Yes, there is a simple way to cancel your answer and select another.


If I get stuck can I miss questions out and then go back to them?

Yes, you can skip questions and come back to them later.


If I finish the test early can I leave?



When do I find out if I have passed?

You will be advised of your result before you leave the test centre.


If I fail, will I be told where I went wrong?

The SPSV Skills Development Test is divided into two sections and your score report will provide your result broken down by section. You must pass both sections in order to pass overall.


If I fail, how soon can I take the test again?

If you fail, you can immediately schedule another test if you wish by phoning 1890 340 123 or online at www.spsvtest.ie


Is there a limit on how many times I can take the tests?

No, an applicant can take the tests as many times as they want.


What are the next steps when I pass?

Upon passing the SPSV Skills Development Test, an official SPSV Skills Development Certificate will be issued by the Commission for Taxi Regulation and sent to your address within two weeks of your test date.

Upon successful completion of a second area knowledge test, the Commission will send you out a second display card indicating your licence to operate in that county.

ID validation – The Commission will send you out an updated Skills Development Certificate that will indicate that you presented your driving licence and this can be used to make your application to the Gardaí for your SPSV driver licence.


What is the Skills Certificate for?

If you wish to apply for an SPSV driver licence you must hand in your SPSV Skills Development Certificate to the Gardaí with your application – this certificate will then be kept on file at the PSV Office. You must make this application within 18 months of the date of issue on the certificate.

If you are sitting the test on behalf of a dispatch operator, the dispatch licence application can be sent to the Commission as soon as the test has been passed and there is no need to await receipt of the Skills Development Certificate in the post. The certificate can instead be kept on file at the dispatch operator for the duration of your employment there.


Will I need to sit a renewal test in the future and when will this be mandatory?

The requirement for those already licensed as SPSV drivers to sit the test is due to be introduced shortly and drivers will be notified of this by the Commission in due course. The renewal test will not contain the area knowledge section.


I would like some specific information on SPSV licensing

You can find out more information by visiting www.taxiregulator.ie or by calling the Commission for Taxi Regulation industry information line on lo-call 1890 347 347.


Can I appeal my test result?

If you wish to query your test result you should speak to a test centre administrator before leaving or appeal against the decision, using appeal forms available at each test centre, and request that we re-mark the test.

You must:

·         Appeal within ten working days.

·         Enclose a further fee.

When we get your appeal, we will re-mark your test and give you the result within five working days.
Staff from our head office will conduct the re-marking of your test. If it is found that the original marking was wrong we will:

·         Refund the fee enclosed with your appeal.

·         Issue you with an SPSV Skills Development Certificate.