SPSV Driver Licensing
An SPSV driver is licensed to drive any category of SPSV. The driver of a taxi is licensed to stand or ply for hire only in the county or counties for which they have been granted a licence. The SPSV driver may own a vehicle, may drive a vehicle owned by another person, or may be employed as a driver by another person or by a dispatch operator.

In order to maintain high standards in the industry and encourage the general public to avail of SPSV services, SPSV driver licences are granted only to people who meet set criteria. To qualify, you must hold an Irish driving licence or a driving licence from another EU, EEA or other recognised state, show that your tax affairs are up to date by producing a current tax clearance certificate, and pass the SPSV Entry Test to obtain the SPSV Skills Development Certificate. This test is in two parts: the Area Knowledge Test verifies that you have a good knowledge of the county in which you operate; the Industry Knowledge Test verifies that you understand of the industry and the SPSV Regulations. An Garda Síochána must also certify that you are a fit and proper person to hold an SPSV driver licence.

Existing licence holders are required to sit the Industry Knowledge Test by <year>. To encourage early uptake of this test, the test fee is being waived for current licence holders until the end of 2010.

If, as a taxi driver, you propose to stand or ply for hire in more than one county, you will need to pass the Area Knowledge Test for each additional county.

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